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What is a Baby Planner?

A baby planner is someone who helps a family prepare for the arrival of a new baby, helping the family to prepare for the baby pre-natally and to look after the baby right through to preschool.

With changing legislation, new research and the endless marketing and product developments that constantly bombard new parents and parents-to-be it can be an overwhelming time. Baby planners use their skills, experience and expertise to navigate new families through these difficult waters. They do this by enabling families to enjoy this potentially very challenging period in the least stressful way possible and by accommodating each family’s individual needs.

How does it work?

At The Baby Fairy, our advice is completely customised and unique to each family. We get to know them, their home and their lifestyle, to enable us to support them in making the best choices for themselves and their family. Our knowledge covers all sorts of things, from antenatal classes and labour, to buggies and sterilisers, to childcare.

Do you sell any particular baby products or services?

The Baby Fairy is so committed to providing families with the best quality advice, information and contacts that we do not work directly with manufacturers or suppliers. Instead we prefer to have complete impartiality to ensure that our recommendations really are the best options for each client, allowing them to make fully informed decisions.

But surely I could find these products and services for myself?

We take the trial and error out of finding baby products and services, by sharing our expertise. Our selected partners are carefully vetted to help us to deliver high quality, essential services and beautiful bespoke items. Through them we are able to provide unique, hand crafted products and private, in home services, that are otherwise not widely available.

I’ve got young children already, why would I need a baby planner?

Baby planning doesn’t end once the baby arrives. Our services continue well after baby’s arrival up to and including the preschool years. We can help with such tasks as finding nannies, selecting preschools and bringing private specialists or tutors to your home.

Our overall aim is to make your pregnancy and the early years experience as enjoyable as possible. Why re-invent the wheel, when someone else can show you how it spins?

Samantha Cruickshank, Babyfairyplanner.co.uk

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