About Mumstuff and our Products

The Mumstuff Experience

We are delighted to have taken over the MumStuff reigns from Nicola in November 2014. Below, there is an outline as to why and how the site came to be and why it is so important to maintain the Mumstuff experience that Nicola created.As a mum of two myself, I have also ‘been there done that and got the t-shirt’!. We hope that you like the new format of the website and personally I am looking forward to looking after everyone in the way you have come to expect. Samantha, Man and Daughters New Mum-in-Charge!


MumStuff was conceived (excuse the pun!) because there are very few websites dedicated to the needs of mums-to-be and new mums. How often have you spent hours trawling through ‘Baby’ websites to try and find something for yourself – only to be disappointed? Have you ever tried to find a gift for a new mum or mum-to-be that wasn’t baby clothes or flowers.

Commitment and Quality

We have always focussed on a very hands on approach as we have a small team of committed family employees who have helped develop Mumstuff . Having a team of experienced mums to draw ideas and practical experience from allows us to always maintain consistent quality and hopefully positive feedback.

A warm experience

Based on real pregnancy experience and through meeting many new mums as you do when you have kids, We know mums-to-be and new mums are often not aware of some helpful and useful products that can help them through pregnancy and beyond. This is because such products are slightly more unusual and not available of the high street. At MumStuff we aim to rectify this – giving you access to products that can help soothe, comfort, massage, protect, oil, cleanse, moisten, soften, heal almost any part of your body associated with pregnancy This website is designed to help gain a warm shopping experience all through pregancy and beyond

Where we are

Since we began offering our products directly via our website and on a mail order basis it has allowed us a chance to get some extremely useful and constructive feedback on specific products. The combination of our customer's suggestions and gives us a unique ability to quickly introduce improvements and adaptions to our range.

Mumstuff Products and You

We are constantly expanding our range with new and exciting products and would value any recommendations from our customers or enquiries from suppliers/ manufacturers/ work-at-home mums who think they have a product that might fit our site. We currently work closely with many small ‘mumprenuers’ and do all we can to support their products. Many of our developments have been successful thanks to the information and feedback provided by our customers, so if you would like to let us know your opinions on any of our products please click here