Mum to Be


A partner or friend expecting? Find the ideal pregnancy gift! How about a, pregnancy keepsake box,a thoughtful and original gift idea!

Bump Support & Belts

Everything for the discerning bump! Hide it, show it or just make the most of it with support belts, bando and b-buckles!

Hear Your Baby

Listen to your baby safely with our dopplers and pinard stethoscopes.

Relaxation, Massage & Wellbeing

Put your feet up, unwind and relax with a pregnancy massage, prenatal bath soaks, relaxation CD's and prenatal unwinders.

Stretch Mark Creams & Butters

Natural products to help prevent and reduce stretch marks and to keep your pregnant belly supple and healthy with our oils and butters.

Teas for Pregnancy

Combat morning sickness, tiredness and heartburn with our range of organic teas.

Labour Preparation

Be prepared! Everything you need to be ready for the 'Big Day'!

Dad to Be Gifts

Don't forget Dad to Be!... We have put together a great range of gifts and books to not only to help dad to be on his first steps to fatherhood but also to make him laugh!

Books & Journals

A Fantastic and varied selection of up to date, useful and beautifully illustrated books for pregnancy,good parenting and keepsakes.


Pregnancy Essentials including, bra extenders, mum to be on board signs ,support tights, CD's and the amazing "We Collect"!

Morning Sickness

Natural, organic ways to help combat Morning Sickness in pregnancy.

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf products aid labour and relax the uterus muscles during delivery, available as herbal and organic raspberry leaf tea.

Skin Care, Make-Up & Balms

Pregnancy can sometimes play havoc with your skin, so here are some natural cleansing Balms and soaps and creams to help.

Supplements and Vitamins

Pregnancy Vitamins and supplements to help you look after yourself and baby!


Natural alternatives to those everyday toiletries! Chemical free to give you a natural choice!.

Labour /Hospital Bag

We've pulled together some of our products from our 'Labour Mum' Section - just to help you with ideas for your hospital bag! More unusual items that you might not think of taking with you!

Pregnant? Or looking for a gift for a mum to be?...... This is the section for you!

We have:

Baby Shower essentials for the perfect shower party! Balloons, banners, cups, pleats ,,invitations,games, and quirky baby shower gifts.

In Bump Stuff we stock everything for the discerning bump! Hide it, show it or just make the most of it with support belts, bando and b-buckles! Never has a pregnant belly been so spoiled!

Rather than looking everywhere for your pregnancy essentials we’ve put them all in one section,Bra extenders, support tights and our famous/exclusive mum to be on board car signs!

Morning sickness is no-one’s favourite topic, but at least we can offer you some natural and organic remedies.

During your pregnancy you may worry about what chemicals you’re using on your body. We thought it might be helpful to offer some ‘natural alternatives’ to everyday items, such as chemical free hair colourants and natural crystal deodorants. You may also be worrying about those dreaded pregnancy stretchmarks and we stock natural products to help prevent and reduce stretch marks and to keep your pregnant belly supple and healthy.

Perineal massage oils and red raspberry leaf may be the answer to an easy labour… Used regularly in the latter stages of the third trimester preineal oils can soften the perineal area and hopefully make giving birth easier. Raspberry Leaf is also renown for aiding labour, we stock it as herbal and organic raspberry leaf tea and tablets. On the subject of teas, we stock a wide range to help alleviate pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, sleeplessness and promote general well being. Also see our Wellbeing section for products to help ease water retention and tired feet.

Ahh…. Relax – go on you deserve it! Put your feet up, unwind with a pregnancy massage, bath soak, relaxation CD or prenatal unwinder… Bliss…

We’re famous for our pregnancy gifts. Find the ideal pregnancy gift at Mumstuff