WellStart DVD - Development Guide and Digital Conception, Pregnancy & Baby Journal

WellStart is the essential development guide and digital baby journal for modern parents

  • Essential Digital Baby Journal

  • Records Achievements & Precious Moments

  • Creates a Keepsake of development

  • Targeted and Relevant Information


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WellStart is the essential development guide and digital baby journal for modern parents. It’s a unique software application for your PC or Mac that

* makes it quick and easy to keep yourself updated about what to look out for next in your baby’s development, from pregnancy to 5 years * reminds you to record all their achievements and precious moments, so you can easily keep your pregnancy/baby journal up to date * makes it simple to store and organise all your notes, photos and videos to create a wonderful keepsake of your child’s early life You can start using WellStart at any time, from before conception, during pregnancy, or with your baby or toddler. You can add as many children as you like, and easily work backwards to create keepsake records for older children. Of course, you can also continue recording their growth, achievements and precious memories far beyond 5 years of age.

WellStart is the brainchild of experienced GPs Dr Heidi Worthington and Dr Soraya Bate, and of Dr Philip Worthington (who is doctor of Computer Science rather than a GP!)

The idea came from the question 'How do parents know what's 'normal' for their child's development?' In today's competitive society it's easy to develop unrealistic expectations of how quickly your baby should develop. You may be worried that your child may be falling behind in some way.

Parenthood should stop worrying!

Famously, Albert Einstein’s mum and dad were worried about his development because he was late learning to walk and only started to talk after the age of 3! We know how Einstein turned out!

However, without going through piles of parenting books and trawling the internet, there's no easy way to find out what skills and behaviours your child should be developing and when. Even if you can find this information, and have the time to keep reading and checking websites regularly, there's no single place for you to record when your child reached these milestones AND your thoughts, feelings photos and video...until now!

WellStart replaces pregnancy and parenting books and keepsake albums with one, simple software application that:

* gives you all the information you need, when you want
* creates a keepsake of your child's development and achievements
Why isn't WellStart a website or app?

WellStart decided to create a software application rather than a website or app because:
* WellStart can provide more targeted information relevant to your child
* you don't have to be concerned about security of your child’s records
* you don't have to worry about the website changing its terms, or shutting down and taking your child's development records with it!
* you don't need to be online to the records or receive reminders
* you don't have to remember to visit the website regularly you can use WellStart whenever you wish!


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