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Tips for Childbirth

Help your baby get into a good position for birth.

The best position for your baby to be in for birth is with your baby laid head down with his/her back against your tummy, this will help your birth to be shorter and more straight forward. There are several things you can do encourage your baby into a good position from 34 weeks onwards.

  • -Invest in a birthing ball; these are very comfortable try sitting on your ball whilst watching the television instead of the sofa.
  • -When your baby is active try sitting or kneeling with your knees lower than your hips this helps to tilt your pelvis into the right position.
  • -Leaning forwards helps, or try sitting backwards astride a chair.
  • -Antenatal yoga, pilates and swimming are helpful.
  • -When driving put the seat as upright as possible, avoid driving for long periods.
  • -In bed at night time lie on your left side with a pillow in-between your knees, your right leg should be over your left leg.
  • -Tone up your pelvic floor muscles; this will help you to have an easier birth.
    • Tops Tips for Birth

      • -Use self-hypnosis.
      • -Slow calm controlled breathing .
      • -Create a calm, relaxed and peaceful environment, dim the lights and play relaxing music. Ask your midwife if your maternity hospital has CD players in the rooms if not take your own.
      • -Take your own pillows or cushions to get comfy.
      • -Tell your midwife when you arrive at the hospital or birth centre what you would like for your birth experience.
      • -Stay active and maintain upright positions as gravity helps.
      • -Experiment with different positions to find one, which is most comfortable for you.
      • -Try a birthing ball.
      • -Lower back massage can help, ask your midwife to show your partner how to do this.
      • -Water immersion is very relaxing and soothing, try a birthing pool if available.
      • -If a birthing pool is not available have a warm bath, or shower.
      • -Aromatherapy is beneficial ask your midwife if your hospital or birth centre offers this service.
      • -Keep hydrated drink water.
      • -Be confident; trust your body’s natural and instinctive ability to birth your baby. Go with the flow do what ever your body feels it needs to do.
      • -Take advice from your midwife she is there to help and support you, to enable you to have the best possible experience and outcome.
      • -If you’re not sure what is happening don’t be afraid to ask questions, this is your birth experience which you will remember forever.
      • -This is a special wonderful day when you get to meet your baby so enjoy the experience.
        • By Joanne Scurr, Qualified midwife, Consultant Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth.

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