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Pregnancy and Abdominal Massage

Firstly many congratulations, you or someone you know is pregnant. Whether it’s a first or subsequent baby it’s such an exciting time for mums to be dads, friends and family.

We know that many hormonal, postural and mental changes occur when we are pregnant and it is well documented that massage in general and in pregnancy is proven to be a natural pain reliever, stress reducer and muscle relaxant.

Massage is a form of touch and it has been around for thousands of years.

Families, therapists and many health care practitioners realise the huge advantages of massage for mums to be and the bonding processes with your baby after the birth.

One of the greatest feelings in life is touch, and as humans, massage not only feels good and does you good, it also leaves you with a sense of calm and inner peace, a true, natural relaxant of the mind, body and in turn the soul.

So you would like some information on massage in pregnancy? – That’s great news

What can massage in pregnancy do for you?

  • Relief of aches and pains
  • Relieves sciatica and lower back aches
  • Helps with cramp
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Releases muscular tension in upper back shoulders
  • Highly relaxing
  • Aids pain and discomfort from movement in pelvic bones (symphysis pubis dysfunction)

What happens during massage?

Pregnancy massage is usually conducted while the client lays on the couch one side at a time, you can choose if you want the abdomen gently massaged or not, that is personal preference. Research shows, the feel good endorphins are passed to baby during massage and is perfectly safe to do.

The back legs arms and feet are gently massaged

A short period on the back is spent to massage the shoulders and face.

Cushions, pillows, sheets or towels are used to ensure you are as comfortable possible.

A full body massage usually lasts about 50 – 60 min.

Finding a therapist – when you look for a massage therapist in pregnancy you need to ensure the therapist you choose is specifically trained and qualified as a Pregnancy and Abdominal Massage Practitioner. Belonging to an accredited governing body such as the federation of holistic therapists (FHT) BABTAC or CThA also ensures therapists have met certain standards and follower codes of ethics.

Remember – Pregnancy practitioners are there as a complementary therapy to your normal maternity care. Most Drs, midwives and health professionals support massage where it is safe for you and baby.

Timing – Wait until you are a minimum of 12 weeks to start. Massage can be undertaken right up to and including very early stages of labour if you and your midwife are happy.

Checking – Every pregnancy and everyone is different, so just check with your GP or Midwife its ok for you to have massage before you attend. Most people are absolutely fine to have massage; however like all things in life there are just a few exceptions as to why someone may not be able to have a massage, things like diabetes or known pre eclampsia for example.

A professional pregnancy massage therapist will always undertake a full written consultation with you before a massage and make notes in any case. They may even give you a consent form to ask your Dr or Midwife to sign to say they agree a massage is ok for you.

Hopefully this information has reassured you of the benefits and safety of massage in pregnancy. Just contact your chosen therapist for any more information.

Enjoy this special time, hopefully we may see you soon for your wonderful pregnancy massage experience .Good luck with the birth.

By Julz Millington ITEC FHT – Qualified Pregnancy and Abdominal Massage Practitioner

Julz operates from a wonderfully relaxing home based holistic therapy room in Rushden Northamptonshire. She has plenty of life experience too, having had 4 successful pregnancies and now has 4 grown up children and two grandchildren under her belt.

She is happy to take any enquires and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Telephone: Northamptonshire 07968 693550
  • E-Mail: julz.therapy@orangehome.co.uk
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