New Mum


An indispensible gift set and other great ideas for all new parents.

Out and About

Useful products to help whilst you're out and about with baby.


Look after yourself after the baby's arrival! Try a new Parent Revitaliser or the amazing Hypnotherapy Recovery CD.

New Dad Gifts

A fantastic and stylish range of interesting gifts, Jewellery books and Badges for new dad - Well we couldn't forget him, could we?!

Grandparent Gifts

Don't forget grandparents - the birth of a new grandchild is a special time for them too!

Changing Bags

Perfect Changing Bags from PacaPod, Healthy Back Bag and others - for both mum and dad.

Relaxation and Massage

New mum - take a break - let someone else hold the baby and relax and renew.

Personalised Jewellery

Follow in Yummy Mummy celebrity footsteps with this fab range of bespoke new mummy personalised jewellery.

New Parents' Gifts

Gifts for both new mum and dad - so they can share the congratulations and survive the first few weeks with their newborn!

Toddler Mum

Books and Manuals with great instructions and tips to keep you and them happy!

Things may have started to calm down a little bit, but now really is the time to start thinking about yourself. Yes… you!

Take some time out for relaxation, get your partner or friend to give you a massage, have a long hot soak in the bath. Our wellbeing products are specifically to help keep you on your toes and support you through the inevitable exhaustion of new parenthood and if there are times that you feel a bit of the ‘baby blues’ then we can help.

Getting out can be a bit of nightmare in the first few weeks, juggling baby gear, other children and the kitchen sink! We have some great changing bags to help you get organised and make going out a pleasure and not a chore.

We also have some fab gifts for the new mum, (mums point your partner in this direction!), our mummy tags necklaces and bracelets are gorgeous and make a perfect keepsake. We also have a selection for new dad – not wanting to forget him too and some great new dad gifts! Perfect for Father’s Day but also all year long!