Natal Hypnotherapy - The Breastfeeding Companion CD

We love this quote from Winnie-The-Pooh, 'A Grand Adventure is About to Begin...' and it perfectly fits the time when you find out you're pregnant and you're about to embark into a journey into the unknown....

  • Increases Confidence

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Trust in Your Body

  • Bond with your Baby


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Natal Hypnotherapy's ‘ Breastfeeding Companion CD' has been created to guide and support you through your breastfeeding.

This very effective self-hypnosis CD increases your confidence and ability to breastfeed successfully. It leads you through relaxation, breathing exercises, practical advice and guided visualisations of successful breastfeeding. It will help you trust in your own ability to produce the correct amount of milk and stop any concerns you may and increase bonding with your baby.

Breastfeeding is recommended by birthing professionals, this effective self-hypnosis audio CD increases your confidence and ability to breastfeed. Difficulties can leave mum feeling tense and worried about doing it right or not producing enough milk. Unfortunately, if you feel stressed or anxious about feeding, your body will not produce the hormones which prompt the production of the right amount of milk for your baby. Your baby may pick up on your concerns too. This compounds the problem as stress and anxiety are directly linked to a reduction in the production of milk. However, if mum relaxes and begins to trust her body and her baby’s cues to feed, she will find that breastfeeding becomes easier and more enjoyable.

This CD will enable you to let go of any anxiety and will teach you to relax before, during and after feeding. The CD has two sections, and an introduction on how to get the most out of the CD. The first section is a full hypnosis session intended for you to listen to by yourself so you can really relax. This session also helps with practical suggestions for breastfeeding your baby. The second section is a relaxation and guidance session to be used whilst you breastfeed your little one. This session guides you through the breastfeeding process, giving you time to settle down with your baby and helps to keep you relaxed.

In conclusion, the Breastfeeding Companion CD will help you to:

Feel relaxed and confident about breastfeeding your baby.
Trust your body’s ability to breastfeed Enjoy and feel comfortable about breastfeeding.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle while breastfeeding your baby.
Bond with your baby


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