Natal Hypnotherapy - Relaxing Birth Music CD

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This lovely, relaxing music CD is a wonderful edition to the Natal Hypnotherapy range. Many expectant mums use music during labour to help relax them.

This Relaxing Birth Music CD is also part of the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme which won the 'Pregnancy Product of the Year'.

Benefits of listening to the Relaxing Birth Music CD

It triggers a deep state of relaxation - which you may have also practised during your pregnancy if you had been listening to the other Natal Hypnotherapy CDs. Enables you to easily focus and visualise the positive images you practised during your birth preparation Maintains a sense of calmness in the place where you're giving birth

When should I listen to the CD?

Listening to the CD throughout labour can help mums relax. By listening to the music after the baby has been born, it is still familiar, and some mums have said that their babies also calm down when hearing the music. This is due to the fact that the baby has heard the same music whilst in the womb and they find familiar sounds calming.

How does the Relaxing Birth Music CD work?
The Relaxing Birth Music CD is the same background music that is all the CDs in the Natal Hypnotherapy range. This acts as an additional trigger for a deep state of relaxation during the labour and birth to support the mum with the techniques she has learned, her breathing and her visualisations.

Click here for or a sample of the CD. Please note this file is .mp3 and is 1.5MB so may take some time to load on a dial-up connection.


Customer Reviews (3)

v goodReview by Anonymous
This CD reminds me of having massages in spas it's very relaxing (Posted on 12/7/2015)
Home birth success with CD Review by Sarah
I loved this CD , it helped me through my Home birth in Novemeber. It really helped me to focus and relax during my home birth. Highly recommended for all birth to aid relaxation. (Posted on 9/6/2013)
Pregnancy relaxtion cd Review by Anonymous
i bought this for my first pregancy and it is great - really helped to relax me and feel in control when my birth plan was spiralling out of control due to high bp! would highly recommend all of the natal hypnotherapy cd's. (Posted on 8/13/2013)

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