Helen McPherson - The Birth CD Complete Programme (3 CD set)

The Birth CD is a complete programme of hypnosis training and preparation for labour and childbirth.

  • Hypnosis Training and Labour Preparation

  • Booklet and Affirmation Cards

  • 70 Minutes of Labour Music

  • Very Unique


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The Birth CD is a complete programme of hypnosis training and preparation for labour and childbirth. The CD is produced by Helen McPherson, who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a specialist in Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth. This is the final stage in the Belief Bump Baby series of hypnotherapy programmes for conception, pregnancy and birth.

started the process of relaxation during pregnancy and feeling positive about the birth of a baby. This Birth CD carries on the process and is the ideal companion to . The programme of specially designed and recorded hypnosis tracks will help mothers to prepare for a calm, comfortable and positive birth.

Hypnosis has been shown to:

- Reduce the length of labour
- Reduce the need for pain relief
- Reduce the need for drugs to augment labour
- Reduce the number of interventions
- Reduce the incidence of post-natal depression

This hypnosis programme can be used from around 30 weeks onwards. If a mother is very worried about birth or has had a previous negative experience then the first 2 tracks are invaluable for overcoming a previous experience Helen believes the Birth CD is unique on the market in offering this.

The Birth CD is a whole package including:
- 2 hypnosis CDs containing 5 separate tracks, each looking at different aspects of your birth experience
- A bonus Post-natal relaxation track on this first edition
- A specially written and recorded music CD with 70 minutes of music to play during labour which helps your hypnotic experience and your relaxation.
- A booklet explaining all about hypnosis and how it helps childbirth
- An Affirmations card that you can take with you anywhere to help your preparation
- A card for birth partners to remind them of how to assist you during labour.

The Birth CD is unique in that it offers:
- a partner's perspective;
- Affirmations and help cards;
- addressing fears resulting from hearing about or experiencing previous negative births;
- and also having a post-natal track to help with relaxation, healing and positive feelings after the baby's arrival.

This is a whole birth course in one simple programme comprising 6 separate hypnosis recordings and 70 minutes of instrumental birth music. It is designed to help mothers look forward to birth, to feel comfortable, relaxed and positive and enjoy their baby's birth.


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