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Breastflow from The First Years.

The Revolutionary Aid to Successful Continued Breastfeeding

FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE: The First Years is delighted to provide a free 5oz Breastflow sample to expectant or new mums to evaluate. Just visit www.breastflow.co.uk and a sample will be sent to you in the next few weeks.

‘Breast is best’ – this is the mantra all health and childcare professionals are trying to instil in the minds of the general public, encouraging new mothers to give their infants the very best start in life they could possibly have. Indeed, the benefits of breastfeeding are now known to be so far reaching that the campaign to promote this natural long-term safeguard to a child’s health, well-being and even perhaps intelligence grows daily.

However, despite the irrefutable evidence of the benefits and the desire to breastfeed successfully, for some mothers continued successful breastfeeding is not always completely straightforward or easy. The pressure to return to work, baby blues, periods of illness, mastitis, post-natal depression, feelings of rejection and jealousy from a spouse or quite simply the need for a little ‘space’ can all interfere with and upset successful continued breastfeeding.

Sadly, until now, once baby has started to feed from a bottle, returning to the breast has represented a hard and often emotional battle, which usually ends in failure to continue breastfeeding and feelings of guilt and frustration on the mother’s part.

Feeding from an ordinary bottle requires a different action than breastfeeding – when feeding from a bottle, baby no longer has to use the instinctive dual action of compression as well as suckling used to feed naturally from the breast. Bottle feeding actually requires less effort from baby and the ability to breastfeed correctly from its mother can quickly be lost, resulting in baby being ‘alienated’ from the breast and a failure to continue to breastfeed.

Now, however, being forced to turn to the bottle no longer needs to herald the end to successful long-term breastfeeding. Breastflow, unlike any other bottlefeeding system ever made before, has been developed to mimic the action of breastfeeding precisely. It has a unique two-part teat, anatomically designed to work just like a mother’s breast. The inner teat is designed to act like a mother’s milk duct allowing baby to control milk flow while the outer teat is designed to draw baby closer to the softer surface and safely compress in just the same way as if feeding from the breast. This unique design means that baby not only sucks on the teat but instinctively uses a compression and suction action to suckle just as if breastfeeding. With Breastflow’s unique teat design, baby can now go happily from breast to bottle and back again! The system also aids in keeping air out of baby’s tummy, helping to prevent colic.

Used to support breastfeeding at times when, for whatever reason, mum simply can’t be there, Breastflow allows baby to go effortlessly back to the breast when she can. With Breastflow, baby’s inborn and quite vigorous reflex action to suckle from the breast remains intact, meaning breastfeeding can continue, even with interruptions, for as long as mother and baby wish.

With the aid of Breastflow, dad, granny or any carer can help mum to succeed in breastfeeding her baby long-term. By offering a welcome ‘back-up’ support that does not endanger breastfeeding success, mum is freed from the restraints full, or even partial breastfeeding can impose. Breastflow can help the family through times of difficulty or enforced absence when mum may otherwise have been in danger of simply giving up on breastfeeding and losing all the benefits it undoubtedly brings. With Breastflow, every mother can have a chance to reap all the amazing benefits of breastfeeding, not only to baby, but to mum herself.

Breastflow feature summary:

  • * Revolutionary, patented, two-piece teat, anatomically designed to work just like mum!
  • * Two-piece teat design is very easy to assemble and clean.
  • * Extra-wide neck bottle for easy clean.
  • * Air-exchange venting system helps keep air out of baby’s tummy thus preventing colic.
  • * Bottle lid can be fixed to the base to avoid loss.

For more information on Breastflow call the Learning Curve Consumer Helpline on 01271 336172 or visit www.breastflow.co.uk and read more on the product and feedback from happy mums.

Note: When using Breastflow as a support to breastfeeding, it must be noted that as breastfeeding works on a ‘supply and demand’ basis, it is essential for mothers to either express some milk each day, or to put baby to the breast preferably at least once a day to ensure the milk supply does not ‘dry up’. As long as some milk has been expressed or given through breastfeeding, the milk flow will stay available. Supply will increase the more the baby is offered the breast or the more milk is expressed.

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