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Baby Shower Mum

Baby Shower Mum

Gifts and Goodies

A wonderous array of gifts and goodies for a mum to be! will you pick

Invitations & Thank Yous

Baby shower invitations and thank you cards.


Lots and Lots of balloons in different colours, sizes,styles and finishes.

Favours & Accessories

An unusual selection of favours & accessories.

Baby Shower Cards

A unique collection of baby shower cards.

Party Tableware Themes

Plates, cups, napkins & tablecloths in lots of great themes, complete with food & drink ideas.


Fabulous fun decorations for your party room.


Mix and match different banners with our baby shower decorations.


Get the party started with our shower games!

What is a Baby Shower?

I guess if you're looking at this page you're already planning (or thinking about planning) a baby shower party either for yourself or a mum to be. But do you know what a baby shower is? Why not have a quick look at our article in our Reading Room and find out some interesting facts - did you know that the custom of buying gifts for the new parents goes as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and Romans? So even though the modern day 'Baby Shower' comes from the USA, traditions of celebrating the new arrival go back thousands of years. This means you are in good company!

Ok, so the Ancients Egyptians may not have celebrated with baby shower banners, decorations and favours and trendy tableware themes, but I'm sure they must have had 'fun' and a joyous celebration. That's our aim for you - we only sell products that are going to make you party fabulous and make a day to remember for mum to be. It's not every day you're about to have a baby!

You will have seen from the above section on this page, that our Baby Shower department is split into a number of sections. This is to make shopping easier for you, so you can find exactly what you are looking for without having to trawl through lots of stuff that you are not! Don't forget there is FREE delivery on virtually everything here too!

Our first section is Baby Shower Partyware themes, here you will find all the tableware items, such as plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers that you will need to host your shower. We have arranged them in design themes, so you can choose the colour scheme that is right for the expectant mum! Themes range from cute and cuddly to chic and stylish, so there is bound to be something for everyone. We then have an array of baby shower invitation and thank you cards. Each set matches the partyware themes that we have, so it is really easy to coordinate. This is followed by our fabulous selection of baby shower decorations, balloons and banners. Not only do our decorations match our partyware, but we also have lots of unique and unusual products sourced from all over the world!

Our Baby Shower favours Department is my favourite(!), if you'll excuse the pun! Whether you are looking for favors to go on the table in a traditional manner, or to fill little favour boxes, we have got an eclectic mix of fun products, ranging from crystal dummies to bookmarks and egg timers! We think some of the favors make great gifts in their own right and can easily be given to mum to be as a little 'stocking filler'. If you're looking for fun things to do, then look no further than our Baby Shower games department. Whether you have a small or large number of guests, we have some great games to make the day one to remember. Some of the games do need a little preparation beforehand, so don't forget to check them out in advance and see if you need to buy any additional items, this is especially true of the game books. Finally, there is no avoiding the fact that if you're going to a party you'll want to buy a baby shower gift. Well look no further! This is what we do... we have a fantastic range of original and fun gifts ideas, many of which are under £10 so they won't break the bank, and all of which are dedicated specifically for mum to be. If you want to think a little further ahead, we have lots of gifts for new mums, so you can always get something that will come in useful once the new arrival has appeared. Finish off your gift with one of our lovely cards especially for the occasion - perfect!

If you need some help with the organisation, look at our Baby Shower Party Checklist. This may give you some handy hints! Don't forget you can always contact us if you want any advice, we are always happy to help.