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Babymoon – is it for you?

So we’ve all seen the photos of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Kate Middleton and Prince William relaxing on sun soaked beaches on their ‘babymoon’ but what is a ‘babymoon’ all about and is it for regular mums to be like us??

The term baby moon was originally used to describe the period of time immediately after the baby’s arrival when mum and dad get to spend quality, uninterrupted time bonding with their new baby. However in recent years ‘babymoon’ has evolved to become a last break away for mums and dads to be before their world is turned upside down with the new addition to their family.

Babymoon’s are hugely popular in the US, Canada and Austrailia with over 59% of new parents in the US enjoying this kind of break away. Although not quite as popular here in the UK, there is certainly a growing interest in babymoon’s especially with amount of publicity around Kate and William.

But is a babymoon for you?

I have to admit I didn’t go on a babymoon, (unless a very stressful journey up to Newcastle for a family wedding is included!) but I really wish I did!!

When you are pregnant there is a huge amount to think about and it can feel pretty overwhelming, taking time out with your partner before the birth of your baby can give you time to discuss some really important points about how you want to bring up your child, combing work and bringing up a baby or just give you time to reconnect with your partner.

I would have welcomed some time to just be with my hubby without talking about the baby, relaxing, and also, dare I say it, for some romance! I didn’t feel my most romantic or sexiest when I was pregnant but I am sure with the right location and ambience that could have been changed.

Where to go?

While celebs spend thousands on exclusive, exotic babymoon resorts in the Indian Ocean or Caribbean, where should the rest of us plan to babymoon?

You may not fancy getting on a plane and all the additional stress an airport involves, and why should you when we have some of the best hotels right here in the UK. At the moment not many hotels have specific babymoon packages however most Spa hotels will have a mummy to be package – a lot also have daddy to be treatments! Combine this with beautiful countryside strolls, sumptuous food, maybe a little golf and you have a traditional babymoon.

For most of you this is probably just what you want, but some of you might also fancy something a bit different – after all this is the only time you are going to be pregnant with this child so why not make it memorable. While the weather is still good you could try Glamping, or maybe a festival, or what about using your babymoon time to learn a new skill?

Your babymoon also doesn’t have to be about you and your partner. You might decide you want to spend some girl time with your friends – a bit like a hen do but with a lot less alcohol and no dodgy accessories! Whilst you are on your girls break away send your partner off for a boys break – let him get it out of his system before the baby arrives and you really need him!

If your budget is tight or you really don’t want to venture too far from home why not babymoon at home – plan it like you would if you were going away; buy in pampering products, cook up in advance food exactly as you like it and then tell the world to leave you alone for a couple of days (that includes twitter and facebook!).

Whatever you decide is the best for you, I hope you agree with me that for once ‘babymoon’s ‘ are one celeb trend we are all happy to follow! Take a look at my website www.youmeandthebump.com for more babymoon inspiration and ideas.

Lou Arnold, 27th July 2013

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