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If you planning for a natural birth, and hoping to manage with no medical pain relief, then this department is for you. We stock traditional and some slightly more unusual methods to ease labour pains. But don't forget you need to stock up in plenty of time, so you have the products ready for when you go into labour!

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  • The Miracle Box - Prenatal, Labour & Post labour Exercise Ball Package

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    The Miracle Box- Prenatal, Labour & Postnatal Exercise Ball Package is a both an exercise and birthing ball package for mum to be and new mum. It contains everything you need to keep fit and active throughout your pregnancy and post labour and will even help you through your labour.

    • Safety Tested
    • Improves Posture
    • Builds Staminer
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  • Miracle TENS Machine

    The Miracle TENS is a stylish, easy to use TENS machine. It is ideal for effective drug free pain relief during and after labour and you can also use it for post labour pain such as back, shoulder and even period pain later on!

    • Easy To Use
    • Drug Free Pain Relief
    • Useful Neck Chord
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  • Calm Stars - Birthing Grips

    Calm Stars are a clever little product to help you in labour. By squeezing a calm star you can concentrate on reducing stress and pain relief by providing a totally natural distraction from labour pains.

    • Innovative Product
    • Reduces Birthing stress
    • Natural Distraction
    • Hygenic
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